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So have you just discovered how that friend of yours built those super big muscles in merely a few months? Yes, kettle bells can do wonders and now that you wish to try them out, you are on the right path to achieving greatness.

Kettle bells are an excellent piece of exercise equipment as they allow you to do a number of different exercises. Here are three kettle bell exercises that flex multiple muscles in your body and help you make bigger muscles in the least amount of time.

Kettle Bell Exercise #1-Squat Lifts

This exercise helps you work the back and front of your shoulders and make them stronger. Start with a full squat, and keep the kettle bell between your legs while holding the handle with both hands firmly. You should be slightly bent at the hips, but your back should be completely straight.

As you stand back up, swing the kettle bell in front of you. Keep in mind that swinging doesn’t mean floppy movement, good form is the key to building bigger and better muscles. As you swing, keep your body rigid and be sure to keep your back straight.

Kettle Bell Exercise #2-Squat Thrusts

This exercise works your full body and it helps with both muscle building and endurance. Start in a full squat posture, with your hips slightly below your knees while keeping your back straight. The kettle bell should be resting on the floor beside your one of your feet, with the handle in one hand.

As you standup, pull the kettle bell up like in a bicep curl and push the kettle bell up above your head as soon as your legs are about to straighten. Now your entire body should be straight with the kettle bell above your head. Repeat the entire motion and try as many reps as you can.

Kettle Bell Exercise #3-Russian Twist

Sit down on the floor with your legs slightly bent, and feet flat like you are about to do a crunch. Hold the kettle bell close to your chest and lean back 45 degrees. Slowly rotate your torso from right to left while slowly swinging the kettle bell along. Be sure to maintain proper form, and if your abs burn you’ll know that you are doing it right.

These kettle bell exercises can help you develop super big muscles in the least amount of time. Be sure to check out our excellent collection of kettle bells!

29/11/2016 11:31 Matt Matt News, Exercises,

Get Really Smart by Including Flexibility Training with Foam Massage Rollers in Your Workout Sessions


You think you are smart because you are able to squeeze time for doing your workouts regularly. But you can call yourself 'smart' only if you do your workouts in the right manner. Some rookie trainers may have advised you to begin your workout session with some warm-up exercises and then, move on to weight-lifting or strength-training exercises. But there is one singular and very important element that they may have inevitably missed advising you. The element we are talking about is flexibility training. 


Why is flexibility training important?


The importance of flexibility training stems from the fact that those who pack their training sessions with all types of exercises except this training are likely to develop tight muscles. Having tight muscles is a clear indicator that shows that you are not training effectively. Your aim may be to become a show-stopper with a chiseled body but trying to achieve this aim at the cost of flexibility can prove to be disastrous. After all, the purpose of working out is to be as fit and as 'mobile' as possible. But with tight muscles, your mobility will get a beating. Not only that, chances of tight muscles leading to injuries are very high also.


Foam Massage Rollers play a key role in flexibility training. That is the reason reputed companies that deal with gym equipment like BodyRip make it a point to offer them. They even travel the extra distance of suggesting to their customers that if they buy these massage rollers and do flexibility training also along with other exercises, their workout sessions will be more effective.


How foam massage rollers can help in flexibility training


Thought leaders in the fitness field point out that muscles are not "solitary reapers." The human body has been created in such a manner that the muscles have to work as pairs. When one muscle contracts, an opposite muscle expands to balance the contraction. Similarly, when a muscle shortens, there is an opposite muscle that lengthens. If you do not do flexibility training, the system that takes cares of this balancing act gets confused. The result is your muscles will continue to remain tight. This is what causes pain and tension. The motion range of the muscle gets restricted also. It is for countering this phenomenon you are advised to use foam massage rollers. The massaging done by these rollers results in what is called "myofascial release" in the parlance used by fitness experts. Simply put, these rollers release the tension in the muscles and provide them with flexibility. 


Experts also point out that chances of soreness developing always remain with any work-out program but many a time, the soreness is not because of muscle fatigue but due to the tightness of the muscle tissues. When a muscle tissue becomes tight, it causes pain. Foam massage rollers help people identify the tension in the muscle or the ‘knots’ that form in the muscle tissue and release the muscle appropriately so it gets back to its normal length.


Among the tips given by experts as to how to foam-roll for controlling the muscle tension, choosing the foam roller with the right density ranks the top. Companies like BodyRip offer foam massage rollers of various densities and levels of hardness. Those who plan to foam-roll for the first time are advised to go for softer foam rollers rather than the harder ones. 


The second tip is they must roll slowly because quick movements may not help in identifying the hot spots. Likewise, if you think that you must hold your breath while foam-rolling, you are committing a grave mistake. In fact, you must not hold your breath whatever may be the workout you are doing. Further, breathing normally when you foam-roll will help in pushing through tension, if any, more effectively. Holding the breath may result in discomfort also.


Foam-rolling must be done before every workout as well as after the workout. Focusing on the tight muscles is important. Instead of foam-rolling blindly, know the areas you must focus on by seeking the help of professional trainers.


Keep your focus on the muscle the tension of which you are trying to release. In fact, if you connect your mind also with the act of foam-rolling, you can feel the changes that take place in your muscle. This will help in identifying the problem areas, if any, also so you can bring about the necessary changes to the process.


Therefore, get really smart by including flexibility training in your workout sessions.


24/10/2016 11:41 Matt Matt News, Exercises,

medicine ball


Over the past few years, the workout and fitness fields have undergone changes of epic dimensions. Sterile workout sessions dominated by boring exercises have been replaced by a new generation of exercises. Though the debate between traditional exercises and these new generation ways may never cease, the fact remains that researchers have used science-based metrics and proved that modern exercises can bestow immense benefits on fitness enthusiasts, athletes and everyone. The gym equipment industry has also responded appropriately and come out with tools, accessories and equipment that can suitably help people do these exercises. Medicine balls that belong to this new generation of gym equipment are considered incredibly versatile because they can help users of all types, regardless of whether they are into strength training, overall conditioning or power training.

Three categories of medicine balls are generally available and they are rubber medicine balls, wall balls and slam balls. In fact, Fitness enthusiasts and more particularly, the Crossfit lovers seem to have a great liking for these accessories because they bestow a good number of benefits, especially for core body parts and abs. Of course, they are popular among gym-goers, fitness enthusiasts who like doing their exercises at their homes and athletes as well. But finding the right medicine balls may be a tricky proposition because a number of companies say that the accessories they supply are the best. It is in this context you must choose a company like BodyRip for buying the right medicine balls that can perfectly fulfill your needs.

Medicine balls of various sizes are available at BodyRip. Further, the company helps in selling and buying wall balls, slam balls and rubber medicine balls online at the best prices that cannot be seen anywhere else in the whole of UK. Not only that, customers can get great deals and discounts for all the genuine GYM equipments at BodyRip.


Benefits of doing exercises with rubber medicine balls, wall balls and slam balls

Explosive power

When you throw the balls, you use what is known as a "thrusting movement" and this increases your explosive power.

Build Strength

Medicine, slam and wall balls are good replacements for free weights and so, you can use them effectively when you do exercises like squats, sit-ups and lunges for building strength. Especially, when you use slam balls and do dynamic exercises, you strengthen the body parts like the shoulders, arms, quads, glutes, abs and the back.

Cardiovascular health

When you use these balls and do your exercises, you make dynamic movements which means you are working your lungs and heart, thus enhancing your cardiovascular health.

Functional fitness

Exercises that involve these balls enhance your functional fitness because they involve almost all your muscles and joints. For example, when you throw your wall ball, you will be moving the entire body. William Imbo, Associate Editor of BoxLife Magazine and also a Crossfit trainer says that wall squats and throwing exercises are particularly functional.

Hand-eye coordination

Exercises that involve medicine, slam and wall balls can enhance your hand-eye coordination. Especially, when you throw wall balls, you will be keen not to miss catching the balls and so, will try to use your eyes and hands efficiently.

26/09/2016 07:48 Ellie Johnson News, Exercises,



Every person who goes to a gym or health club may have his or her own individual fitness goal. Some people may opt for cardio exercises to improve their cardiovascular health, a few others go for weight-training and yet a few others aim at strength training for increasing their lean muscle. Earlier, there were not many equipment and so, people were finding it difficult to achieve their unique fitness goals. But now, suppliers like BodyRip are correcting the flawed approaches of earlier times by designing various types of equipment that help users achieve their individual and specific goals without any issues.

Among the various gym equipment BodyRip offers, dumbbells stand out because unlike many other equipment, they help in doing joint-isolation exercises like biceps curls, shoulder raises and chest flyes. Dumbbells can help in doing multiplanar and full-body movements as well. Similarly, for those who are looking at flexibility and cardiorespiratory fitness, dumbbells are a boon. Let us look at some of the benefits you can derive by using dumbbells.

Dumbbells Sets

1. Dumbbells are easy to use apart from being versatile. This means you can do a variety of exercises using them. You can vary the pace and the number of repetitions according to your needs.

2. If you aim at muscle building, you can opt for heavier dumbbells. BodyRip offers various types of this versatile equipment. The varieties they offer include Neoprene covered dumbbells, those made of Chrome, Vinyl and Plastic, Fixed Weight dumbbells and Adjustable and whole Dumbbell Kits. So, you can choose the ones that may fulfill your fitness goals.

3. Weight Loss

There are many people who look to reducing their weight. They can use dumbbells and design suitable aerobic workouts that can help them burn their calories. These workouts will raise their heart rate as well. By doing these aerobic exercises, they can reduce the risks of ailments as well as conditions like diabetes, stroke, blood-pressure-related issues, heart diseases, lower-back pain and so on. It has been proved that these weight-loss workouts using dumbbells will improve the strength of the muscles and the heart also.

4. Muscular Endurance

Muscular endurance is very important for sports people. So, sports people must necessarily use dumbbells for improving their muscular endurance. With their improved muscles, they can play their game for a prolonged period. Especially, sports people who are into tennis, volleyball, soccer, etc. must have dumbbells of appropriate weights in their fitness equipment kit. They can increase the pace and repetitions according to the level of their needs. In fact, sports people who play tennis, soccer and volleyball must do more repetitions of dumbbell workouts than those who are into body building.

5. Bone Health

Athletes and sports people face a lot of risks of bone fractures. Only by increasing their bone density, they can reduce these risks. Dumbbells are ideal equipment that can help in increasing the bone density.

As people age, their bone density diminishes. So, seniors can improve their bone health by doing dumbbell workouts. Dumbbells can be used in any posture, thanks to their versatility. This means people can do dumbbell exercises lying down or sitting.

17/09/2016 10:40 Ellie Johnson dumbbells, News, Exercises,

If you are aiming at strength training and want to have sure-fire results safely as well as efficiently, barbells should necessarily find a place in your arsenal. Contrary to hard-to-shake notions, increase in weight and strength is a gradual process. In this process, the first reaction of your system is your muscle tissues will get torn down. After that, they will rebuild themselves to become stronger than before. Barbells will help you add to your weight and strength progressively. 


The length of barbells is generally between 5 and 7 feet. However, companies like BodyRip offer tools of 4 ft. to 7 ft. length. BodyRip also offers curl and super curl types of barbells. Further, weight plates in various designs that include polygonal, round, tri-grip, etc. are offered with their 1" Standard and 2" Olympic barbells. Their tools are made of high-quality cast iron and they are vinyl-coated as well. Apart from having a wide range of barbells with various designs of weight plates, the company offers suitable collars also for preventing the weight plates from sliding. This means the barbells they offer can be used safely, regardless of whether you use them for Olympic weightlifting, weight training, or power-lifting. 


Physical Benefits


Barbell exercises help in increasing your bone density. A good bone density level is the invisible weapon that can protect you from being affected by osteoporosis. There will be more muscle and less fat on your body, The website, IDEAFit, also points out that health risks such as diabetes, heart ailments, etc. come down drastically with resistance training using barbells. ACE also says that by lifting weights using barbells, your system will move food faster and so, you can keep health issues like colon cancer at bay.


Mental Benefits


When you become stronger with barbell exercises, you will feel more confident. The website IDEAFit interviewed a number of women who did resistance training with barbells and these women reported increased confidence and capabilities. They also said that barbell exercises fuelled their drive and so, they were able to do tasks with less efforts. With their confidence boosted up, they now have a positive attitude. Their sleeping habits have improved also, resulting in improved productivity.

While it may appear that there are significant physiological differences between women and men, there are no reasons to believe that there is a gender bias for doing barbell exercises. This means there need not be any dramatic differences in the approach of women and men.

Heavy weight-training

Since barbells are great tools for heavy weight-training, they are highly recommended for competitive and Olympic power-lifters. Of course, even those who want to build their body can also use the tools to a limited extent. 


Some of the best benefits of barbell training are:

1. It is a simple tool and hence, learning the basic lifts is easy.

2. Thanks to the stable and fixed weight of the barbells, they may not deviate from their normal motion range. Remember, if the barbell deviates when you are lifting heavy loads, you may be seriously injured.

3. Progression is unlimited in a barbell which means you can keep on adding weights to it according to your needs.

4. A barbell is a more versatile tool than weight machines. You can train every muscle of your body, thanks to its wide range of resistance. Further, you need not spend a fortune for buying a barbell set. On the contrary, if you go for other resistance equipment, you have to buy a number of tools which may prove to be an expensive proposition.

5. Barbells are simple tools and using them is easy as well. John Sifferman, a fitness professional, also endorses on Physical Living, about the safety aspect of barbells. Since they are sturdy tools, their life-span is quite long.

6. The adaptability and functionality aspects of barbells are amazing. You can keep on adding weights to them. You can use them for strengthening any part of your body including your spine, the lower portion of your body and the legs.


30/08/2016 09:50 Matt Matt Barebells, News, Exercises,
Shifting Gears towards More Beneficial Workout Sessions with BodyRip Vests...Read More
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People with a chiseled body will certainly turn quite a few heads. Such people may inspire you also for doing your workouts. If you have made up your mind to do regular workouts and more specifically at your home itself, you must immediately look to buy the best home gym equipment. But since the market is full of gym equipment, you may be too overwhelmed to make your choice.

You must first take into account the physical shape in which you are in, while choosing the equipment. If you are not able to assess your physical condition yourself, you can take the help of qualified professionals to check you thoroughly and guide you in this regard.

Another factor you should take into consideration is your budget. The best home gym equipment brands are available in a wide range of price options and so, it may not be difficult for you to choose the devices that come at your budget.

Whether you want to buy the best home gym equipment for weight loss or for some other purpose, you have to buy those devices that suit your requirements perfectly. Of course, you have to go through an unabbreviated process of researching for finding these devices.

Space in your home is an important criterion that has to be taken into account because you will be squandering your hard-earned money if you become too ambitious and buy a bigger device that cannot be accommodated in your home. Experts advise that there should be minimum headroom of 10 feet in your home. Further, you must have good ventilation also for doing your exercises comfortably.

Similarly, you cannot afford to overlook the safety aspect. In fact, makers of the best home gym equipment brands take all possible measures for providing you with safe devices.

In short, the factors you must consider while choosing home gym are your fitness goals, your budget allocation, the space in your home and your current physical shape.

You may prefer to have home fitness equipment to achieve your fitness goals because instead of commuting back and forth to a gym, you can do your exercises at your home. In fact, you can derive a number of benefits by deciding to do your exercises at home.

But for choosing which devices you must buy, you need not visit the home fitness equipment stores. Thanks to the convenience the Internet offers, you can do your research from anywhere. Of course, reputed home fitness equipment stores have top-notch websites because they are committed to perfectly catering to the expectations of their discerning customers.

But there are a few factors you must consider while choosing the devices you need.

1. Home fitness equipment price is one of the most important aspects you must consider while making your choice. Nowadays, devices at various price ranges are available and hence, by doing a focused research, you can find the ones that suit your budget.

2. Secondly, your choice of the equipment must depend upon the space at your home. The general rule of thumb is at least 10 feet of headroom should be there in your home. While measuring the size of the machine as well as the space in your home, remember that the measurements may differ from one position of the machine to another. Not only that, some of the devices may come with certain accessories that may also occupy space. You must therefore take into account all these aspects while deciding if a machine can be accommodated in your home.

A new beginning in your fitness journey

Once you consider the home fitness equipment price and the space available in your home and decide on the right equipment, you can construe that it is a new beginning in your fitness journey. In fact, by deciding to do your exercises at home, you will be deriving many benefits.

Chances of you doing more workouts are high because you need not waste your time commuting to the gym. Further, you can have a lot of flexibility which means you can do your exercises whenever you want. After all, humans are fickle-minded and so, flexibility in deciding when you should do your exercises will help. Experts also opine that exercise sessions of short duration will not tire you much but at the same time, may bestow good health benefits as well.

If you have to go to a gym, you have to wear special clothes for it. On the contrary, when you use your home fitness equipment for doing your exercises, you can wear any outfit that is comfortable.

Studies have shown that people can depend upon the best home exercise equipment for weight loss, for developing a great body and so on. In fact, many people prefer to do their exercises at their homes because this bestows on them a number of advantages.

Firstly, they need not spend time for visiting the gym. In fact, commuting from one place to another has become very difficult in today's ever increasing traffic. Even after reaching the gym, they may sometimes have to wait for the equipment they want to get free. This means they may have to spend two or three hours for doing a work-out of about 30 minutes. The arduous traveling involved for reaching the gym may itself put them down.  

Secondly, people need not have a large space for accommodating home exercise equipment. Makers of fitness devices including the best home exercise equipment for abs are making use of advanced technologies and are coming out with lightweight and compact ones that do not occupy much space. Therefore, people can use their bedroom or a corner of their garage to keep this equipment and do their exercises.

Next comes the flexibility home exercise devices offer. People can do their exercises any time they want. On the contrary, if they have a gym membership, they may have to stick to the time slots allotted to them scrupulously.

If you consider the time and money you spend for visiting gyms and also the subscriptions you pay for gym membership, you will realize that opting for a home exercise equipment is a wise decision. Of course, you must spend sufficient time for doing your research so you can find quality equipment that may meet your requirements.

While assessing your requirements, you should take into account your current physical condition. For example, if overweight is your problem, you must look for the best home exercise equipment for weight loss. Likewise, if you want to have a great body, you may have to buy the best home exercise equipment for abs.

Amazingly, reputed makers of exercise equipment do not have gaps in their product portfolio. In fact, they offer a wide variety of devices that come with a good mix of features. Since these devices come at various price ranges, it will be easy for you to go for the ones that suit your budget.

The fast-paced lifestyle people lead is taking a toll on their health and this is one of the reasons for the increasing number of people who are on the look-out for the best exercise machine for home. But whether these people derive the benefits they desire to have from these devices is a big question. The problem is most of these folks do impulsive buying and so, they lament later that their investment has gone down the drain.

In other words, many people buy the wrong equipment and when they find that they cannot do their exercises using them, they lose their motivation. So, "choose wisely" is the mantra for deriving the desired benefits from exercise machines.

There are a number of types of exercise equipment available in the market and therefore, people have to do their home-work properly before choosing the ones that suit their fitness goals. For example, if you are looking to buy the best exercise machine to reduce belly fat, the focus of your research should be on those devices that can help you achieve this aim.

It is true that investing in a suitable exercise machine is better than the gym subscriptions you pay in the long term. But you may be concerned about the hefty sum you may be paying initially for buying it. If you take into account the advantages you will be enjoying by having the best exercise machine for home, you will realize that the investment is worth making. If you are very particular about reducing the quantum of this initial investment, you can opt for a device with a lesser number of features.

Follow these steps meticulously for buying the best exercise machine for home.

1. Be clear with your fitness goals because you have to buy only those equipment that can help you achieve these goals.

2. Never deviate from the simple economic principle of sticking to your budget while making your purchases. Since a wide variety of home exercise machines are available at different price ranges, it may not be difficult for you to find the right ones that come at the right prices.

3. Your choice should be based on the available space in your home.

In you invest in the best exercise machine for home; you can keep doing your workouts for many years. You should therefore do a good research before buying these devices.

25/07/2016 08:07 Ellie Johnson Exercises,
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