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So have you just discovered how that friend of yours built those super big muscles in merely a few months? Yes, kettle bells can do wonders and now that you wish to try them out, you are on the right path to achieving greatness.

Kettle bells are an excellent piece of exercise equipment as they allow you to do a number of different exercises. Here are three kettle bell exercises that flex multiple muscles in your body and help you make bigger muscles in the least amount of time.

Kettle Bell Exercise #1-Squat Lifts

This exercise helps you work the back and front of your shoulders and make them stronger. Start with a full squat, and keep the kettle bell between your legs while holding the handle with both hands firmly. You should be slightly bent at the hips, but your back should be completely straight.

As you stand back up, swing the kettle bell in front of you. Keep in mind that swinging doesn’t mean floppy movement, good form is the key to building bigger and better muscles. As you swing, keep your body rigid and be sure to keep your back straight.

Kettle Bell Exercise #2-Squat Thrusts

This exercise works your full body and it helps with both muscle building and endurance. Start in a full squat posture, with your hips slightly below your knees while keeping your back straight. The kettle bell should be resting on the floor beside your one of your feet, with the handle in one hand.

As you standup, pull the kettle bell up like in a bicep curl and push the kettle bell up above your head as soon as your legs are about to straighten. Now your entire body should be straight with the kettle bell above your head. Repeat the entire motion and try as many reps as you can.

Kettle Bell Exercise #3-Russian Twist

Sit down on the floor with your legs slightly bent, and feet flat like you are about to do a crunch. Hold the kettle bell close to your chest and lean back 45 degrees. Slowly rotate your torso from right to left while slowly swinging the kettle bell along. Be sure to maintain proper form, and if your abs burn you’ll know that you are doing it right.

These kettle bell exercises can help you develop super big muscles in the least amount of time. Be sure to check out our excellent collection of kettle bells!

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