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How to Build the Perfect Home Gym

21/05/2018 11:23 Matt Matt

How to Build the Perfect Home Gym

Are you tired of paying expensive fees to go to your local gym? Then be sure to click on this article. Here you'll discover what you need to set up a home gym.

How to Build the Perfect Home Gym

How to Build the Perfect Home Gym

Are you tired of paying expensive fees to go to your local gym? Then be sure to click on this article. Here you'll discover what you need to set up a home gym.

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A home gym is the perfect solution for busy, finance-savvy adults.

When you get home from a long day at the office, the last thing you want to do is eat and run to the gym. You've had enough running around all day long.

So you don't go.

As a result, you end up wasting money on a gym membership you don't use. Worse yet, you also end up not working out at all. You waste money and don't even have anything to show for it.

To spend and not obtain is the most frustrating feeling in the world.

That's why you should consider bringing the gym home.

A home gym is an investment, sure. A lot of the equipment is expensive and takes up space.

But accomplishing your fitness goals is worth it.

How to Build the Perfect Home Gym

Chest, arms, back, legs, abs. You have numerous parts of your body to focus on to obtain the body you've always dreamed of.

Each piece of equipment is designed to work on one or two specific parts. So, you'll need to purchase multiple pieces of equipment in order to build that dream body.

Let's take a look at some pieces of equipment you'll need to get started.


Entertainment is an optional part of a home gym. However, many people find it hard to focus on working out without some form of entertainment to keep them entertained.

Television is a popular option. Pop in your favorite movie or hour-long show and watch while you work out for at least an hour.

Another popular option is the stereo. Many gym buffs work out to their favorite songs. Certain lyrics and a catchy beat inspire them to work out harder and longer.

Books are another option gaining traction. Some people enjoy walking while reading a favorite book. Others listen to audiobooks via a stereo or MP3 device.


Sit-ups and push-ups are two things you don't want to try without proper flooring.

Don't worry. We're not going to suggest that you install all-new flooring. But you do need some sort of large, padded mat. Otherwise, you'll injure yourself while performing certain exercises.

Another addition to consider is a work-out pillow. Place the pillow behind your head while doing leg lifts, sit-ups, and other exercises that require your head to touch the floor.

You may find that you feel your back strain while doing sit-ups. If this is the case, consider using a longer, fluffier pillow -- one that shapes to fit your back and head.


Some gym-goers underestimate the importance of wearing the right shoes.

You'd be surprised how much difference the right shoes make.

The right shoes are not regular, lace-up tennis shoes. You need shoes whose soles are designed to grip the ground so you can't possibly slip.

The right shoes will also be very comfortable -- so comfortable you can lift without having to readjust your posture. You should be able to stand erect and lift without experience discomfort in your feet.

A CrossRope

Jumping rope makes for a great cardio workout.

But not just any old jump rope will do. You'll want a CrossRope.

Many gym-goers experience problems with regular jump ropes. They don't sail through the air smoothly, causing the jumper to lose their rhythm. As a result, they snap across jumpers' ankles, resulting in both frustration and pain.

That isn't the case with CrossRopes. They glide through the air like a knife through hot butter.

What's more, they come in different weights. If you're a beginner, you can try a lighter CrossRope. If you know your way around (and under) a CrossRope, you might be ready to try a heavier CrossRope.

A Treadmill

Certainly, you can jog or run around the block to avoid buying a treadmill, saving you both space and money.

But what if you live in an unsafe neighborhood? Or you get home after dark? Or you simply don't feel comfortable letting neighbours see you while you work out?

In any of those cases, a treadmill is a worthy investment.

Of course, you can choose a high-end treadmill that keeps running as long as you keep running. To start, though, you might prefer a smaller treadmill with less power. These treadmills have less power because they are made to be folded up and stored when not in use.

Just because they have less power, though, doesn't mean they don't have any power at all. Some can reach 10kmph. If you can run 10 kilometers per hour, you're doing fantastic!

Another great point for these treadmills is their price. You can pick one up for as few as 150 pounds!

Exercise Bike

Biking is a great exercise for those who suffer from knee injuries or other ailments that prevent them from running.

As with running, riding a regular bike might not be an option for some. A stationary exercise bike is a more viable option.

Some who prefer riding regular bikes find exercise bikes difficult to pedal. But those who have never tried an exercise bike need not worry. Like regular bikes, exercise bikes come with various speeds.


Dumbbells are the perfect piece of equipment for building your arm muscles. They can also help you build your chest, back, and shoulders.

Dumbbells start at .5 kg. As you become stronger, you'll need to replace your current dumbbells with heavier ones to keep building strength.

Thankfully, plate-loaded dumbbells are available. Each plate represents a different weight. Multiple plates can be added to a single bar for even more weight.

A Solid, Adjustable Bench

Some exercises -- particularly lifts -- require a bench to perform. For that reason, you should add a good bench to your home gym.

Make sure the bench you choose is sturdy and doesn't rock back and forth. Such a bench is unsafe.

You'll also want to choose a bench that is adjustable. Certain types of lifts require you to be inclined to perform them.

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