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Get Really Smart by Including Flexibility Training with Foam Massage Rollers in Your Workout Sessions

Get Really Smart by Including Flexibility Training with Foam Massage Rollers in Your Workout Sessions


You think you are smart because you are able to squeeze time for doing your workouts regularly. But you can call yourself 'smart' only if you do your workouts in the right manner. Some rookie trainers may have advised you to begin your workout session with some warm-up exercises and then, move on to weight-lifting or strength-training exercises. But there is one singular and very important element that they may have inevitably missed advising you. The element we are talking about is flexibility training. 


Why is flexibility training important?


The importance of flexibility training stems from the fact that those who pack their training sessions with all types of exercises except this training are likely to develop tight muscles. Having tight muscles is a clear indicator that shows that you are not training effectively. Your aim may be to become a show-stopper with a chiseled body but trying to achieve this aim at the cost of flexibility can prove to be disastrous. After all, the purpose of working out is to be as fit and as 'mobile' as possible. But with tight muscles, your mobility will get a beating. Not only that, chances of tight muscles leading to injuries are very high also.


Foam Massage Rollers play a key role in flexibility training. That is the reason reputed companies that deal with gym equipment like BodyRip make it a point to offer them. They even travel the extra distance of suggesting to their customers that if they buy these massage rollers and do flexibility training also along with other exercises, their workout sessions will be more effective.


How foam massage rollers can help in flexibility training


Thought leaders in the fitness field point out that muscles are not "solitary reapers." The human body has been created in such a manner that the muscles have to work as pairs. When one muscle contracts, an opposite muscle expands to balance the contraction. Similarly, when a muscle shortens, there is an opposite muscle that lengthens. If you do not do flexibility training, the system that takes cares of this balancing act gets confused. The result is your muscles will continue to remain tight. This is what causes pain and tension. The motion range of the muscle gets restricted also. It is for countering this phenomenon you are advised to use foam massage rollers. The massaging done by these rollers results in what is called "myofascial release" in the parlance used by fitness experts. Simply put, these rollers release the tension in the muscles and provide them with flexibility. 


Experts also point out that chances of soreness developing always remain with any work-out program but many a time, the soreness is not because of muscle fatigue but due to the tightness of the muscle tissues. When a muscle tissue becomes tight, it causes pain. Foam massage rollers help people identify the tension in the muscle or the ‘knots’ that form in the muscle tissue and release the muscle appropriately so it gets back to its normal length.


Among the tips given by experts as to how to foam-roll for controlling the muscle tension, choosing the foam roller with the right density ranks the top. Companies like BodyRip offer foam massage rollers of various densities and levels of hardness. Those who plan to foam-roll for the first time are advised to go for softer foam rollers rather than the harder ones. 


The second tip is they must roll slowly because quick movements may not help in identifying the hot spots. Likewise, if you think that you must hold your breath while foam-rolling, you are committing a grave mistake. In fact, you must not hold your breath whatever may be the workout you are doing. Further, breathing normally when you foam-roll will help in pushing through tension, if any, more effectively. Holding the breath may result in discomfort also.


Foam-rolling must be done before every workout as well as after the workout. Focusing on the tight muscles is important. Instead of foam-rolling blindly, know the areas you must focus on by seeking the help of professional trainers.


Keep your focus on the muscle the tension of which you are trying to release. In fact, if you connect your mind also with the act of foam-rolling, you can feel the changes that take place in your muscle. This will help in identifying the problem areas, if any, also so you can bring about the necessary changes to the process.


Therefore, get really smart by including flexibility training in your workout sessions.


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