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Why Dumbbells Are a Boon to Fitness Freaks

17/09/2016 10:40 Ellie Johnson dumbbells,



Every person who goes to a gym or health club may have his or her own individual fitness goal. Some people may opt for cardio exercises to improve their cardiovascular health, a few others go for weight-training and yet a few others aim at strength training for increasing their lean muscle. Earlier, there were not many equipment and so, people were finding it difficult to achieve their unique fitness goals. But now, suppliers like BodyRip are correcting the flawed approaches of earlier times by designing various types of equipment that help users achieve their individual and specific goals without any issues.

Among the various gym equipment BodyRip offers, dumbbells stand out because unlike many other equipment, they help in doing joint-isolation exercises like biceps curls, shoulder raises and chest flyes. Dumbbells can help in doing multiplanar and full-body movements as well. Similarly, for those who are looking at flexibility and cardiorespiratory fitness, dumbbells are a boon. Let us look at some of the benefits you can derive by using dumbbells.

Dumbbells Sets

1. Dumbbells are easy to use apart from being versatile. This means you can do a variety of exercises using them. You can vary the pace and the number of repetitions according to your needs.

2. If you aim at muscle building, you can opt for heavier dumbbells. BodyRip offers various types of this versatile equipment. The varieties they offer include Neoprene covered dumbbells, those made of Chrome, Vinyl and Plastic, Fixed Weight dumbbells and Adjustable and whole Dumbbell Kits. So, you can choose the ones that may fulfill your fitness goals.

3. Weight Loss

There are many people who look to reducing their weight. They can use dumbbells and design suitable aerobic workouts that can help them burn their calories. These workouts will raise their heart rate as well. By doing these aerobic exercises, they can reduce the risks of ailments as well as conditions like diabetes, stroke, blood-pressure-related issues, heart diseases, lower-back pain and so on. It has been proved that these weight-loss workouts using dumbbells will improve the strength of the muscles and the heart also.

4. Muscular Endurance

Muscular endurance is very important for sports people. So, sports people must necessarily use dumbbells for improving their muscular endurance. With their improved muscles, they can play their game for a prolonged period. Especially, sports people who are into tennis, volleyball, soccer, etc. must have dumbbells of appropriate weights in their fitness equipment kit. They can increase the pace and repetitions according to the level of their needs. In fact, sports people who play tennis, soccer and volleyball must do more repetitions of dumbbell workouts than those who are into body building.

5. Bone Health

Athletes and sports people face a lot of risks of bone fractures. Only by increasing their bone density, they can reduce these risks. Dumbbells are ideal equipment that can help in increasing the bone density.

As people age, their bone density diminishes. So, seniors can improve their bone health by doing dumbbell workouts. Dumbbells can be used in any posture, thanks to their versatility. This means people can do dumbbell exercises lying down or sitting.

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