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medicine ball


Over the past few years, the workout and fitness fields have undergone changes of epic dimensions. Sterile workout sessions dominated by boring exercises have been replaced by a new generation of exercises. Though the debate between traditional exercises and these new generation ways may never cease, the fact remains that researchers have used science-based metrics and proved that modern exercises can bestow immense benefits on fitness enthusiasts, athletes and everyone. The gym equipment industry has also responded appropriately and come out with tools, accessories and equipment that can suitably help people do these exercises. Medicine balls that belong to this new generation of gym equipment are considered incredibly versatile because they can help users of all types, regardless of whether they are into strength training, overall conditioning or power training.

Three categories of medicine balls are generally available and they are rubber medicine balls, wall balls and slam balls. In fact, Fitness enthusiasts and more particularly, the Crossfit lovers seem to have a great liking for these accessories because they bestow a good number of benefits, especially for core body parts and abs. Of course, they are popular among gym-goers, fitness enthusiasts who like doing their exercises at their homes and athletes as well. But finding the right medicine balls may be a tricky proposition because a number of companies say that the accessories they supply are the best. It is in this context you must choose a company like BodyRip for buying the right medicine balls that can perfectly fulfill your needs.

Medicine balls of various sizes are available at BodyRip. Further, the company helps in selling and buying wall balls, slam balls and rubber medicine balls online at the best prices that cannot be seen anywhere else in the whole of UK. Not only that, customers can get great deals and discounts for all the genuine GYM equipments at BodyRip.


Benefits of doing exercises with rubber medicine balls, wall balls and slam balls

Explosive power

When you throw the balls, you use what is known as a "thrusting movement" and this increases your explosive power.

Build Strength

Medicine, slam and wall balls are good replacements for free weights and so, you can use them effectively when you do exercises like squats, sit-ups and lunges for building strength. Especially, when you use slam balls and do dynamic exercises, you strengthen the body parts like the shoulders, arms, quads, glutes, abs and the back.

Cardiovascular health

When you use these balls and do your exercises, you make dynamic movements which means you are working your lungs and heart, thus enhancing your cardiovascular health.

Functional fitness

Exercises that involve these balls enhance your functional fitness because they involve almost all your muscles and joints. For example, when you throw your wall ball, you will be moving the entire body. William Imbo, Associate Editor of BoxLife Magazine and also a Crossfit trainer says that wall squats and throwing exercises are particularly functional.

Hand-eye coordination

Exercises that involve medicine, slam and wall balls can enhance your hand-eye coordination. Especially, when you throw wall balls, you will be keen not to miss catching the balls and so, will try to use your eyes and hands efficiently.

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