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BodyRip Training Mask 2.0 Primate Sleeve High Altitude

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BodyRip Elevation Training Mask Is A Patent Pending "Resistance Training Device" That Helps Condition The Lungs By Creating Pulmonary Resistance And Strengthening The Diaphragm. Elevation Training Mask Will Help You Regulate Your Breathing, Increase Lung Stamina, Lung Capacity, Oxygen Efficiency And Increase Overall Mental Focus.

  • Decrease Workout Time From 60 to 20mins.
  • Training Mask Is The Ultimate Respiratory Training Device For Breathing And Controlling The Flow Of Air Delivered In To Your Body.
  • Multi Level Resistance System Creates A Resisted Air Flow Through Flux Valves Into The Training Mask.
  • When Your Body Adapts To The Resistance Of BodyRip Training Mask Your Lungs Will Be Trained To Take Deep Beaths That Use Oxygen More Efficiently.
  • While Using BodyRip Training Mask Breathing And Conditioning Of Your Lungs Significantly Increases And So Will Your Endurance While Strengthening Your Diaphragm.
  • BodyRip Training Mask Will Help Your Respiratory System As Your Overall Cardio And Endurance Will Improve With Continued Use.
  • What Benefits Does BodyRip Training Mask Resistance Breathing Have? Conditions The Lungs By Creating Pulmonary Resistance Strengthens The Diaphragm Increases Surface Area And Elasticity In Alveoli Increases Lung Capacity Increase Anaerobic Thresholds Decrease Workout Time.
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