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BodyRip Intermediate Set Weight Vest Battling Rope Slam Ball Kettlebell

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Revive Your Routine With BodyRip Itermediate Training Set. Aside from the boredom factor, there’s also the plateau effect. Adding an unconventional training technique to your fitness regimen will not only restore life to your workouts, it’ll shock different muscles into action.

The following set contains:
  • BodyRip Weight Vest 10kg
  • 2 x 16 BodyRip Cast Iron Kettlebells
  • BodyRip Battling Rope
  • 7kg BodyRip Slam Ball
Slam balls are a minimal-bounce, minimal-roll alternative to medicine balls designed for high-impact throwing. For years I simply used these as a weight—an alternative to dumbbells and kettlebells. Kettlebell workout combines the benefits of dumbbell training with a high intensity cardio workout to help you build muscle, increase power and get lean—all in just a few sessions. Along with increasing your strength, power and endurance, the constant motion of rope battling will floor you with a muscle-toning, metabolic workout unlike any other. You’ll be shocked at how fast a few quick whips can get you to your maximum heart rate. BodyRip Weight Vest allows for a broad range of exercises, such as walking, jogging, rope-jumping, bike riding, core strengthening, and weight training.
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