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BodyRip Professional Plyometric 3 Jump Box Set Squats Crossfit MMA Gym Equipment

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An advanced training technique that trains the muscles to reach maximal strength in the shortest time possible is known as plyometrics. The objective of a plyometric exercise is the rapid application of force so you gain muscle power. While these workouts are usually used by athletes seeking to improve their game, it can also be used by anyone wishing to gain strength, speed and power. The main feature of plyometric drills is the explosive nature of the activities. This is done to convert muscle strength to muscle power. Because these exercises cause a lot of considerable stress to the body, proper form and technique must always be paramount in the performance of these exercises. Otherwise, strain and injury could result. Always land softly. If you're new to plyometrics, it's best that you do it with someone who is properly trained so he or she can guide you through the proper form and correct techniques. Make sure that you wear shoes with a lot of cushioning. If at any time you feel pain during your work out, stop.

  • Heavy duty welded steel construction.
  • Powder coated for long lasting durability.
  • Topped with a anti-skid heavy duty rubber mat, to cushion landings.
  • Complete range of box heights to fire up your plyometric jump training and power development.
Boxes (cm):
  • Large W40 x L39 x 61
  • Medium W40 x L39 x H45
  • Small W40 x L39 x H30
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